Feb 012013

Is this about the current financial crisis? The energy crisis? Overpopulation crisis? Pollution crisis?  No. Click To Read    

Jan 282012

  Dracondas are small but horrible animals. They look like Dragons because of their wings that never fly. And Dracondas have long bodies, similar to a snake’s, but with legs of a lizard. Dracondas change their colors easily to match to the colors that surround them and hide themselves. Mean Gods created Dracondas to keep [...]

Nov 082011
Time For a New Faith

Religion is a system of belief in the existence of a supernatural power, which is concerned with behavior of humans and with behavior of which humans should be concerned. Living on a small planet, humans are following hundreds of beliefs and religions that emerged during centuries. Nowadays major religions fail more and more to explain [...]

Nov 082011
True Religion

Religion is a system of belief in the existence of a “supernatural” power, which (the power) is concerned with behaviors of humans and with behavior of which humans should be concerned. One can search for the definition of religion in the internet and after hours of reading still find himself in doubts. Definition written here [...]

Oct 062014
Made by Prophet - cardboard box electronics cable organizer.

We are people too. Sometimes we make useful things. My cables were a mess and I could not find cables for my needs. And then I made what you can see on the picture.  If you want to find the right cable instantly when you need it try to organize your cables after the manner [...]

Jan 122014

Depending on how your brain likes to work, you get a different reaction from having a shower. Normally the difference comes in having a cold shower but it can be known for a hot shower to do the same. Anyway, Enjoy.Still having trouble with the lighting, Trying my best to minimise the weird colours. Science [...]

Dec 312013

Soul can function as a synonym for spirit, mind, psyche or self. Yol religion can characterize soul using the following sentences (read small text at the end of the post from Creator of Yol):   Soul is a human’s consciousness that extends far beyond the physical body. Soul is the cause of intuition and “unconscious [...]

Dec 262013
Moral Values in the Clash Of Civilizations

Different Moral Values, different Religions, different Laws generate sentiments that are currently dominant in the civilizations that share the surface of the planet Earth. Moral values are rules by which humans are supposed to live and by which they are supposed to be judged by others. Moral values are based on the belief systems that [...]

Dec 022013
Motivational Stories.Short quotations from Napoleon Hill and Rudyard Kipling.

Motivational stories are of an essence when we learn the ways to achieve our goals and gain success. Napoleon Hill quotations are parts of wisdom of manyof the  greatest achievers  concentrated in a limited number of words. Success stories are remembered better and motivate longer  when  you can hold in your memory an easily memorizable piece [...]

Dec 012013
Freeman Dyson - Infinite in all Directions World-Soul or a collection of World-Souls

Quote from Infinite in All Directions: Gifford Lectures Given at Aberdeen, Scotland April–November 1985 by Freeman Dyson: ““My personal theology is described in the Gifford lectures that I gave at Aberdeen in Scotland in 1985, published under the title, Infinite In All Directions. Here is a brief summary of my thinking. The universe shows evidence [...]

Nov 242013
Yoga. Music and Bald Girl on the Beach

FROM AUTHOR: I saw this girl on the beach, and quietly began to shoot. Then she saw me, but said nothing. I watched her for 20 minutes, kept shooting. It was a special moment and I knew I will remember it for long. Things happen. And you can not explain. I hope she finds this [...]

Nov 242013
16 reasons for religion. Theory that can be tested scientifically.

Your parents are intelligent, well educated people. You don’t understand why they believe in what their religion teaches. Are they hypocrites? What makes them to believe? This article will help you to feel more relieved when you understand what makes billions of people to believe in myths and follow religions. You are not alone in [...]

Nov 172013
10 Most Popular Relaxation, Meditation and Sleep Inducing Videos Plus + 1 Bonus Video combining sound and flashing green light.

10 most popular relaxation, meditation and sleep inducing videos from YouTube Plus + One Bonus Video combining sound and flashing green light are compiled here for your convenience. Save time by examining the compilation and choosing most optimal combination for you. Sleep Music Delta Waves: Relaxing Music to Help you Sleep, Deep Sleep, Inner Peace. [...]