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  • Learn about Yol Religion
  • Ask the Messenger questions
  • Find answers
  • Help create the Yol Religion
  • Create YOUR OWN religion
  • Criticize religions
  • Compare religions
  • Find materials about religion
  • Share knowledge
  • Meet soul mates
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This site  is about the newest religion. Religion named Yol *.
This religion is about a unique vision of god as a society of souls.
Those people who try to find answers about spiritual side of life may find this site as a suitable venue for their purpose.
This site may also be a venue for those who want to take part in the bringing of
changes for a happier and sustainable World.

The site is being developed and maintained by only one person – the person that sees himself as the messenger for this religion.

I will do my best to support this site and spread a word about Yol as long as I can.
Join me in my efforts and be a part of the change!

This site is for propagation of a science friendly religion Yol, that is a work of a human and god.

languages used on the site may include Russian, simple English, Simple Turkish or Turkic.


* Turkish for “Way”.