Accurate online fortune telling "On the Sand"


  Why this method of fortune telling is one of the most accurate methods among other online fortune-tellings?

Every time a person goes to a fortune teller it is expected that the psychic has the ability to get information from sources that regular people can not easily access. These sources are considered to be spirits.  Spirits can form a union between themselves  no matter if they are still connected to a living biological organism or lost their own body forever.  Union assumes a communication. 

It will not be a mistake to say that  spirits or their unions are in constant contact with us. They sometimes want to inform us of something that is important for us to know. There are various channels through which information is exchanged between souls.

What are these channels? For the purpose of this page, it is the ability of  other souls to talk to our sub consciousness via the use of our brain’s  functions and a set of symbols and their descriptions learned by both sides of the communication. When a soul or a group of souls tries to inform you of something, they point you to a symbol or sets of symbols for which you have a necessary description.  Ancient accurate fortune-telling “On  the Sand” method belongs to a range of readings where this type of interaction between different types of souls is implemented.

Fortune teller image photo of art pice by Albert Anker

Fortune teller image photo of art piece by Albert Anker. Public domain

Using a third party, most of the time a psychic of doubtful abilities, we add an extra link between us and the helping souls.  Even worse is using a computer program which has nothing to do with the spiritual world and doesn’t know who we are to produce an accurate fortune telling.  Your best chances to get an accurate reading is to allow motor functions of your body to translate a message received from the spirits  into a form comprehensible by your conscious mind. “On the sand” method of fortune telling does exactly that.

“On the Sand” is not just another name for fortune-teller. It is a name that comes from the times and places where sand was a proper surface for a writing which life span is to be short – enough only to give an answer that reflected the reality of the current moment.


   Using this method you will be able to make decisions in situations that otherwise are ambiguous.

When you have troubles or doubts this fortune teller will help to get more clarity. After using this method for a while you will notice that there will be times when you unexpectedly recall this method and feel the need to use it. It may be the god or a single “Guardian Angel” asking you to receive a message.

  An ancient way of fortune-telling is adapted here for  accurate online fortune-telling “on the sand”. It will always find you a reliable information about a situation around. And all you have to do is to pay a due attention to this information and use it to your advantage.

To use a more automated tool for the fortune telling click HERE

Guess only for yourself.  Avoid speaking to psychics. Real psychics are rare and very expensive to work with. Others may cause damage.
Don’t use this method often. The accurate fortune-telling can only be found from the very first guessing in a period of 4 to 6 days. When you find an accurate fortune-teller you don’t ask “are psychics real” anymore, but you  don’t speak to one every day.
Use a piece of paper and a pencil as a clean surface of sand is not always easily accessible.
Draw a number of hyphens from right to left as shown in the picture. Do not try to count, stop when you think it’s enough.
Draw three more lines of hyphens one under another so that you get 4 lines of hyphens.

Count up the number of hyphens in every line and write down the result




There, where you have an even number draw a strip,

there, where an odd number has turned out – draw a dot (refer to the pictures).


                  Consult in the tables below for a figure that has turned out for you.

It means success, popularity               Rise

This figure is like the warm air aspiring up. It means success, popularity, protection, good luck, power, honors, a recognition,

growth, and blooming.
Prediction. The meaning of the figure – the blessing in all its displays. Pleasures of life, optimism, health… It is a very favorable result of a reading, pointing to the full satisfaction.
The advice of the fortune-teller. That speaks about the success, reached by means of discipline, work, and good will. You have a positive, constructive spirit which should lead you to success.
If the question demands the answer “yes” or “not”, the figure means “yes, without any doubt”.

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This figure looks like air full of mist. It means constraint, difficulties, isolation, but also work, responsibility, prudence and a sense of duty.
Prediction. Meaning of the given figure – voluntary or unwilling loneliness, temporary difficulties compelling you to passivity. The figure shows a limitation of freedom, an obstacle which is necessary to overcome, things that should be done, or such a work that demands the persistence and attention.
The advice of the fortune-teller. You, probably, are not in a condition to change a state of affairs by yourself. It will take time, efforts or a sacrifice. All that you can do is only to move ahead patiently and persistently on this abrupt footpath. And soon things will change for better.
If the question demands the answer “yes” or “no”, the figure means “no”.

   The Way
The figure expresses the spirit of a suddenly flashed fire. It’s a road, a way, a runway. It is of a masculine, unrestrained nature.
Prediction. The sense of this figure – is the way that you follow. Soon all will change, the tide of life will be broken by new events. It can be a
travel, parting, liberation, return to independence.
The advice of the fortune-teller. Be ready to start on the journey, undertake independent actions to get rid of former habits.
The figure is quite favorable, but can not be explained in positive or in a negative sense.


This figure is like a fertile, cultivated soil. It means harmony, prosperity, stability, success, honors, development, ambition, skill,
attractiveness, and glory.
Prediction. The sense of the figure – the fulfillment of wishes , satisfaction, the award for the efforts, the success of undertakings, popularity.

The advice of the fortune-teller. Do not miss any chance, observing honesty and magnanimity. Good luck is now with you.  Your plans will be crowned by the long-awaited success, and feelings – with happiness.  If the question demands the answer “yes” or “no”, this figure is the most favorable of everything, means “yes”, above all expectations.


This figure is like a spring water – pure and fresh. It means we will have a glass full of it, and an ascension, favor, honesty, legality.
Prediction.  Meaning of the figure – the beginning, progress, blossoming. Everything strives for improvement, for clearer perception. This figure bears in itself a good omen, you can expect a favorable change.
The advice of the fortune-teller. You are on the right track. Follow your intuition, open yourself to your dear people. Don’t be afraid of anything and your expectations will be rewarded.

If the answer “yes” or “no” is required, the figure means “yes”, undoubtedly.

This figure is like a clear, live fire which should be supported constantly so that it has not gone out. Fragile happiness, short-lived success,
the popularity open for critics, careerism, showing off.
Prediction. The figure speaks about a passing good luck which needs to be caught hurriedly. Success, but a single one which will not make a deciding influence on your life.
The advice of the fortune-teller. Act now! Use your ambition and boldness, but don’t think that you already reached the tops.It is only a stage, nothing more than that, as this success, as well as the glory, can seem to be ephemeral.
If the question demands an answer “yes” or “no”, the figure means, more likely, “yes”.


This figure is akin to rain streams. It means a sudden contact with an ally or with an opponent. The consent or disagreement, the collision of ideas, an exchange of opinions or change of views.
Prediction. The figure speaks about a meeting, an exchange of opinions, or contrary about tension and confrontation.
The advice of the fortune-teller. Show an openness, aspire to dialogue. Keep in mind: all is good that leads to union, to a possibility to know others better, but there is some sort of unexpectedness, unpredictability in the situation.
If your question requires the “yes” or “no” answer, this figure is quite favorable, however, cannot be interpreted neither in positive nor in a negative sense.

This figure is like a light breeze, fresh and gentle. It means youth, grace, harmony, love,sensuality, charm, femininity, art, and beauty.
Prediction. The sense concluded in the figure, – love, joy, fun and pleasures of life. It promises pleasant moments, especially in love affairs and creativity fields.
The advice of the fortune teller. Live for today,catch the pleasures which are sent to you by destiny, but beware of superficiality and carelessness.
If the answer “yes” or”no” is required, the figure is quite favorable, but cannot be read neither in positive nor in a negative sense.



Nature of this figure – a sudden fire. It means a fight, struggle, revolt, instincts, masculinity, uncontrollability, anger, jealousy, and promiscuity.
Prediction. The meaning of the figure – unrestrainedness, aspiration for domination which induces to action. Forces accrue, and this can lead to aggressiveness , to intensity or revolt.
The Advice of the fortune teller. It is about struggle, gains. Don’t be afraid of difficulties, but avoid excesses, don’t overdo.
If the question demands the answer “yes” or “no”, the figure means more likely, “no”.


This figure is similar to decaying, slowly burning out fire. It means parting, contentions, egoism, immorality, permissiveness, jealousy, a secret or lie.
Prediction. The meaning of the figure – deterioration. Negative forces come to the surface, the situation is deceptive, dangerous, prone to conflicts.  Duplicity, false promises, idle talks are all around.

The advice of the fortune-teller.This figure is of a destructive nature, but it bears not only evil things. Change of mood, of the situation will allow you to begin again from scratch, or to find the reason for the failures.
If the question demands the answer “yes” or “no”, this figure means “no”.

The figure is similar to strong cold wind. It expresses loss, regrettable short-sightedness, instability, obvious injustice, bitter disappointment.
Prediction. The meaning of the figure – decrease, restriction. You can lose something, evade from some events,to waste capitals or to show awkwardness in dialogues. Relations break down, you are escaped by a person or situation.
The advice of the fortune teller.  In this adverse situation, you appear to be misunderstood, or the invention undertaken by you is doomed to fail. You should refuse the idea, or part with someone, look at the situation from a different point of view and gain your self-confidence. Then you will progress faster.
If the question demands the answer “yes” or “no”, the figure means “no”.

The figure is akin to still water where a fermentation is in progress. It means danger, obstinacy, a shock, impulsiveness, recklessness, vanity,
sensitivity, aggression or dissatisfaction.
Prediction. Sudden affection, conflict, mutiny – the all-devouring fire of passions. what was stagnant for too long, should develop or… disappear.
The advice of the fortune-teller. Allow the events to develop, to change, let them involve you too so that you give a vent to the impulsiveness. Get rid of what has become intolerable. Be more courageous, don’t be afraid to shock others.
If the question demands the answer “yes” or “no”, the figure means, more likely, “no”.

Elements of this figure – waters in the rivers and oceans. It marks growth, gains, fertility, abundance, generosity, ambition, kindness, and morality.
Prediction. The meaning of the figure – improvement, financial gains, successful investments of capitals, purchases, profits…First of all, it is about financial gains. It is a step forward, to maturity.
The advice of the fortune-teller. This period will become favorable for you if you keep sincerity and frankness. Try to avoid blaming anybody, avoid judging others unreasonably and do not take away the entire profit, which, probably, is expected from the current situation.
If the question demands the answer “yes” or “no”, this figure means “yes”.

This figure corresponds with rich, fertile soil. It signifies meeting, group, crowd, depersonalization, dependence, passivity, susceptibility.

Prediction. The Meaning of the figure – instability and confusion. You wander in the dense fog plentifully sated with impressions and
feelings. Any unexpected outcome is possible as no certain direction of actions is apparent.
The advice of the fortune-teller. In the conditions of the comparative disorder, it is not necessary to aspire to independence, to make sharp acts. Try to comprehend the situation, show humbleness. Co-operate, unite, share.
If the answer “yes” or “no” is required, the figure is quite favorable, but cannot be expressed in positive or in negative sense.


This figure is similar to thin and soft clay. It expresses clarity, cleanliness, virginity, serenity, chastity, spirituality, leniency, tolerance.
Prediction. The sense of the given figure consists of clearness, tranquillity. It is about simple pleasures, searches
for truth, clear thoughts, reflections, and in respect of health – about a recover.
The advice of the fortune-teller. Moderate your appetites, avoid passions, intensity in the relations. Be ready to listen to another, to help those that suffer. Resolve conflicts, find your peace of mind.
If the question demands an answer “yes” or “not”, the figure means, more likely, “yes”.


This figure is as heavy clods of soil. It expresses a melancholy, despondency, apathy, weariness, fear, gloomy thoughts, a remorse, regrets or loneliness.
Prediction. The meaning of the figure – grief and loss of interest in life. You feel animosities of an environment or you have retired into yourself. You can not regain your peace of mind, because of the problems that you don’t know how to solve.
The advice of the fortune-teller. Your troubles come from your fear to fail and fall in the eyes of others. Don’t be caught in the vicious circle of your problems not go in cycles in the problems, do not allow them to overflow you, do not take everything so tragically. And the grief will leave you.
If the question needs a “yes” or “no” answer the figure means “no”.


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By Shaheen Hajigil


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  1. This works!!! So accurate. I am just after a break up, disappointed about what went wrong and the answer I got here is Loss.

  2. I will try and see if it will work for me,, thanks,,

  3. Hey…. Please tell me if it works the 2nd time? I mean if I do this again? I had two different questions in my mind, so first question was a ‘yes’ and next was ‘no’. Reply me fast, please? And it’s like if the 1st question happens the 2nd would definitely. But it says no???? I’m worried, plz help.

    • Short answer- No. It doesn’t work this way. Fortune telling “On The Sand” should be used only ones in about 3-4 days. This way you can expect accuracy from it. If you want a Yes or No answer for a certain question, I would recommend to use a pendulum. You can find information about use of pendulums and “yes – no” type of guessing HERE

  4. It really works for me , folks. Just yesterday used it after 2 days of a crisis in my family and the answer I received was exactly matching to my situation. I acted accordingly, but I am not sure if I did everything as necessary. But the prediction itself was very accurate.

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