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Dec 302017
NEOM New Mega City

a Concentration camp in the good sense of the word. It will have legal boundaries that will protect the openminded and creative habitants from the medieval rules and traditions that prevail in the societies in this part of the world.
If you never heard about this Saudi Arabian project here is the link

Saudi Arabia plans to build NEOM – a megacity which will be independent of the kingdom’s “existing governmental framework”.
Is it possible that the city will be protected from the crippling rules of Islam? There must be reasons for the creation of such a megacity that will cost cost 5 billion dollars to the Saudi government and will also rely on many more billions from investor from all over the wold.

So Why?
“As Saudi Arabia’s reliance on oil becomes untenable, the kingdom will need a more productive workforce —and that includes women,” says Kristin Smith Diwan, a senior resident scholar at the Arab Gulf States Institute.

But Why only NEOM? Why only one Megacity will get such liberties and freedoms and not the whole country? Why only a part of the population and not all Saudi men and women?
I believe it is the desire of the Saudi rulers to get a ticket into the Future without giving up their totalitarian rule and unchallenged authority over the country. And why not? Why not to try the Pareto principle (also known as the 80/20 rule, the law of the vital few, or the principle of factor sparsity). It states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

Attracting the most bright 20% of its own population and the cream of the crop from countries with stifling traditions Saudi Arabia will let them to live in a society that supports creativity and development, and the economical growth to support the lagging majority.
The NEOM is being compared to another megacity – New York with the plans to be 10 times the size. But it doesn’t end here. I believe the Arab country, home of the Mecca, the Holiest city of the whole Islamic world, want to become a new America, a kind of the USA but mostly for the Muslims of the world.
I am not against that. The idea is not even new to me. I long wondered why every country would not create some protected areas inside their territories to let oppressed minorities in their countries have a place where they would feel secure and happy.

NEOM New Mega City

NEOM- New order megacity

I believe in the success of the NEOM project.

Unless leaders of other Muslim countries choose to follow the path.

Dec 032015

 Люди называют их ангелами-хранителями. Это души.

 Конечно же, под словом “сердце” в таких историях никто не им…

Posted by Ежедневный Спиритизм. on Thursday, December 3, 2015

Oct 172015

Do Mediums see the Future, a Future or only a Past?

Just recently watched 12 series of the “Vangelia” movie. The movie is based on the life and is about the famous Bulgarian medium and healer Baba Vanga. The film is not a documentary. Among ideas that one could find about fortune telling and mediumship there were some controversial statements from the main character that, as I assume, derive from the ignorance of the play writers and directors of the movie on the topic or from ambiguous explanations of Baba Vanga herself that she presented in different times, different situations and to different people.Vanga For example, in some cases Baba Vanga says that “Fate” exists and in other cases she concedes one can change his fate if warned. In one of episodes she describes seeing a kind of movies about souls of deceased ones being demonstrated by small spiritual beings in others she says the souls themselves are present in the room and talking to her. I feel I have to learn more documented facts about Vangelia than just to trust the story in the movie.

Later I stumbled upon an article in the Facebook about another famous psychic and medium Edgar Cayce. There was a quote of him saying “Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions”. His statements included predictions of the stock market crash of 1929 and events related to World Wars and even the warnings of untimely deaths of two American presidents.

I compared the abilities of psychics to predict exact times for some events with my general knowledge and understanding of what kind of information is available through spirits and god. Basically I say that spirits don’t know what exactly and when is going to happen in the future. But many spirits collaborating in coordinated effort to predict future may calculate the most possible scenarios of the future developments and their approximate timing. While I don’t have much trouble accepting predictions where an event is predicted with 1 year accuracy, I didn’t see how a psychic might see some more precise timing for an event like exact day, month and year.

I was puzzled and it seems to me I discovered or may be “received” a theory or true knowledge of how seeing and predicting exact times and names could work. Strangely, it includes ideas that I read in articles about Quantum theory and theory of parallel universes or multiverse.

One of ideas is that there are parallel universes and the difference between them can sometimes be in just small details and different timing – one can be ahead or behind another in time.

Generally, when we think that a medium “sees” the Future, in reality that psychic receives information of something that happened in the past in a parallel universe that is very close to and related to ours. Simply it is the one that is ahead of ours in time and is only slightly different in some details.

I also now assume that our spirits have access to information about history in other parallel universes or able to visit parallel universes themselves through eyes and bodies of the dwellers of other universes directly or via connections to their spirits.

The hypothesis I present to your attention here is just a hypothesis and I hope it has at least some value as a thought provoking reading.

Please, feel free to comment, critique or discuss it.
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Oct 092015
transparent ufo over Manipur, India

transparent ufo over Manipur, India

13 years have passed since the night and event that will not disappear from my memory. The picture I saw today in an article about UFO sighting in Indian State of Manipur refreshed my memory and desire to share my experience that night.

At the time I had been employed by a British company that was providing services to oil and gas industry developing in Azerbaijan. Business was not very active for some time and to keep me employed my manager suggested I worked as a security during night time at our warehouse. The warehouse was outside Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan republic. Far from the city lights contaminating the skies.

Stars are bright, multiple and beautiful when the sky is clear. I could stand for minutes with my legs stretched wide to maintain balance and my head turned upwards to catch as big angle of the sky as possible. The night was quiet.

Now, let me ask you: Have you ever played with a magnifying glass sliding it over a page of a book or a newspaper? If you ever did that you remember how the tiny letters stand still on the paper and how they simultaneously jump and then return back to stillness when the magnifying glass moves over them and goes farther creating an impression of a wave. If you never did that before, please, make a pause, find a newspaper, a magnifying glass and experiment with them.

Now you can understand what I saw in the sky that night.

From behind me, where my eyes were not able to catch the part of the sky something moved to the front and further making all stars to jump and then return to their usual stillness. Not all stars moved. I could clearly discriminate between those that moved and others that didn’t. I recognized what shape that “magnifying glass” was. Not a circle. It was a wing. Similar to the shape of a boomerang.

The whole thing lasted no more than 4 seconds. I didn’t feel any fear. I was excited. I knew I would remember the event forever. I realized it could only be an alien object because of it’s transparency, speed and absence of noise.

This event was not my first time sighting something that we call UFO. But it was the most convincing. Until 2 years later when I received a message from some spirit.

The message and my understanding of what spirits are capable of made me to reassess the notion of reality and the possibility of deviation from what is in front of my eyes and what picture my brain is depicting.

Despite all I have two strong beliefs on the subject:

1. Aliens exist.
2. They are here on Earth.


By Shaheen Hajigil

For the story about the transparent UFO over Manipur and for Picture credit visit the article website page:


Feb 112015

Read a book, do chores, do homework, study, do yoga, meditate, concentrate, contact spirits, speak to God, use as a video background if you have big enough TV screen or do anything else while playing this video in the background.

Soothing sound of the waterfalls and views of ponds and trees of the Grotto park in Portland, Oregon will create a better environment for your daily routines.

Do you have a nice view from your apartment or house? Enjoy it naturally if you have. But if you find the view behind your window ordinary here is a better “window with a beautiful view”. Start the video. Enjoy.

My best wishes to my viewers.

Nov 132014
Baku Park

В один теплый летний день сразу после обеда ваш покорный слуга прогуливался по городскому парку в центре Баку в сопровождении коллеги. Как правило, мы всегда говорили о чем-нибудь, и это не было что-то важное.

Baku Park

Image by Urek Meniashvili.

В какой-то момент в моей голове прозвучал голос. Текст был короток: “Бог есть сообщество всех душ”. Я совершенно отключился от беседы из-за этого сообщения и изо всех сил старался скрыть свое замешательство и потерю внимания к разговору.

Во мне боролись желание разделить это откровение с моим коллегой с моим страхом стать посмешищем всей компании, в которой я работал, поделись этот молодой человек моим признанием со всеми.

Но факт коммуникации коммуникации с чем-то непознанным был настолько подавляющим, а информация так неожиданно просто отвечала на мои многолетние безответные вопросы о Боге, что я не удержался и поделился ею с моим коллегой.

И по сей день я испытываю непреодолимое желание делиться этим сообщением с другими каждый день. Сегодня я делюсь с Вами. И если вдруг сегодня Вы захотите сделать меня посмешищем на весь мир, я буду только рад и благодарен за Ваши старания.

И если я был выбран кем-то для передачи этого сообщения людям, то моя благодарность чего-то стоит.

Шахин Хаджигил.

Image by Urek Meniashvili.

Nov 082014

Kevin O’Leary, the entrepreneur and fund manager also known as “Mr. Wonderful” on ABC’s (DIS) “Shark Tank” dropped by Yahoo studios to talk about the show, venture investing and his favorite topic – money. For those of you who don’t know, “Shark Tank” is a reality series that features aspiring entrepreneurs making business presentations to a panel of potential investors. O’Leary sits in prime position and is known for his no-holds-barred, blunt, brutal approach as he quizzes entrepreneurs about the financial viability of their ideas.

“People find that hard sometimes, but my attitude about money is it’s binary – black and white. Either you make it or you lose it,” he explains. “So why lie to people about it, particularly if they are putting their own families’ assets in harm’s way, which is often the case on Shark Tank? I’d rather just say it’s a stupid idea; it’s going to zero; take it behind the barn and shoot it.”

Money bundles dollar stack rih success small

O’Leary breaks down the secret to success on “Shark Tank” to these three elements:

1. Easy-to-explain ideas: The entrepreneur or team must be able to articulate their idea in 60 seconds or less, says O’Leary. A pitch must be very simple for the investor to understand. On Season 3, artist Steve Gadlin’s entire e-mail to apply for “Shark Tank” consisted of a whopping two sentences. “I draw stick-figure pictures of cats and sell them for ten bucks a piece… let me at ‘em.” He was looking for a $10,000 investment for a 25% stake in his “business.” The idea may have seemed simplistic, but Gadlin sold the sharks on the concept that he could whip out 25 customized cat drawings in an hour. He ended up with $25,000 for 33%.

2. Leadership and Teamwork: You have to be able to explain why you’re the only person or at least the right person to execute your business plan, explains O’Leary. On an episode of “Shark Tank” that aired in April, New York City firefighter Sal DePaola and his two business partners, who are also firefighters, appeared on the show to pitch their product – The Paint Brush Cover. The product prevents brushes from drying out when the painter goes on a break. The three had owned a painting business and so were able to articulate the process of inventing, producing and selling The Paint Brush Cover. They went in looking for $50,000 for a 10% stake. They walked out with a deal – $200,000 for 20% and a tie-up with QVC.

3. Numbers: “This is probably the most consistent thing that you find: [winners] knew their numbers,” explains O’Leary. “If you put all three together, you get the alchemy that gets the sharks interested in writing a check. If you miss out on any of those, we’ll throw you out in the street,” he says.

[Get the Latest Market Data and News with the Yahoo Finance App]

In season 6, inventors Alice Brooks and Bettina Chen pitched a building toy for girls called “Roominate.” Both met at Stanford University and have multiple engineering degrees. The company had already received $85,000 of KickStarter funding, had $1.7 million in sales and a retail presence. They walked out with half a million dollars for a 5% equity stake.

The world of venture investing is a tough one, explains O’Leary. Of every ten deals, two fail, six end up coasting and the last two are hits – and end up providing all the returns, he says. The only exception, however, to that principle is “Shark Tank”. O’Leary says that no matter what the product or idea is, it usually ends up being somewhat successful just by virtue of being featured on the show. Tally up the millions of dollars in free advertising from being prime time, the reruns and the follow-ups and he finds 30 to 40% of outcomes are successful.

One final piece of advice? “The truth is don’t cry for money because it never cries for you,” he says.

Oct 062014

We are people too. Sometimes we make useful things. My cables were a mess and I could not find cables for my needs. And then I made what you can see on the picture.  If you want to find the right cable instantly when you need it try to organize your cables after the manner that I used to organize my cables.


cable organizer cardboard box and pipes

cable organizer cardboard box and pipes


Jan 122014

Depending on how your brain likes to work, you get a different reaction from having a shower. Normally the difference comes in having a cold shower but it can be known for a hot shower to do the same. Anyway, Enjoy.
Still having trouble with the lighting, Trying my best to minimise the weird colours.

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