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Join Yol Religion,  contact god, become one of those who changes the future .


  • You consider that humankind have it’s God consisting of souls of those that lived on the Earth.
  • You consider animals having souls.
  • You consider, that inhabitants of other planets have their Gods and the Universes are not created by Gods and that there are no intelligent beings which have created all the space and its parts.
  • You consider, that the space and elements in it always existed and will exist without the beginning and without an end.
  • You accept this life in your physical body as a stage in the transition to the following life – eternal or limited on your choice, or because of destruction of Sun and Mankind and the real death is the disappearance of your soul.
  • You consider as the fact, that Hajigil has given you an explanation of the God which is a result of his supervision, gathering of the information and it’s analysis, and is a result of the natural information terchange with God.
  • You consider that Paradise and Hell are words describing only the life on the Earth and you believe, that humans frightened by horrors of Hell, are unable to analyze various doctrines about the God without bias, logically and critically. Only those that are free from prejudices and fear can find the Truth or approach it in conclusions.
  • You recognize, that you communicate more often with God via the subconsciousness, but you consider it inevitable that one day the way of stable and conscious dialogue with souls or unions of souls will be found.
  • You believe in realization of desires about which you persistently ask the God.
  • You are grateful to the God for the immutable help in the choice of ways about which you ask it.
  • You understand the role of souls of parents and ancestors, as they are the most interested beings in realization of your desires , and you realize the role of good family relations for real and worthy successes in your life.
  • You understand the meaning of the symbol of the YOL religion .
  • You see meaning of life in achievement of the best conditions of a life, the big moral development, reception of the diverse pleasures which are not contradicting to norms of the time, and in reception of a worthy position and status in the following life.
  • You consider the free, not distorted, fast distribution and access to information as a great step in understanding of the nature of god and development of ability to conceive the subconscious information.
  • You consider it necessary to maintain the beauty and the variety of the world through propagation of development of cultural features and language of the nationality chosen by you.
  • You also consider that studying and the use of the English language by all mankind is historically justified for the free distribution of the information, an exchange of opinions and dialogue.
  • You are open to new knowledge and you accept the truth only after critical judgment.
  • You agree, that the YOL religion does not greet dogma.
  • You are ready to give thanks to the God for the new day every morning.
  • You are ready to see yourself as the follower of religion YOL, to propagandize and assist it’s development.


…you are a follower of the YOL religion.


To learn what God is read about God here


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