Sep 042010

Well, everybody knows who Charles Darwin was and what he created. When we hear “Darwin” we think of the “On The Origin of Species” and “Natural Selection”.
What Darwin did not say and what Yol religion is saying is that God itself is the result of biological life on a planet and starts as a very simple collection of simple thoughtless souls and consequently evolves as more sophisticated and more organized types of living beings die. With humans coming into life on the planet Earth and the huge leap in the ability of an animal to think and put 2 and 2 together influence and power of god manifolded.

Evolution from Apes to Gods. Public Domain image.

As human society has matured so did god. Evolution of god is now in the period of creating of critical mass of knowledge and understanding of it’s own nature and physical mechanisms of it’s existence.  God starts to realize what are it’s perspectives since the  destruction and disappearance of biological life on the planet Earth is inevitable.
Our (planet Earth’s) God is not a living organism. It is a society. It is not to compete with any other god or gods as a nearest god of another populated planet would have a very little chance to contact it. And if such a contact would take place the 2 different gods immediately would diffuse into each other and become one. The result of this has no disadvantages to us, living organisms. Quite contrary it may bring new scientific and social achievements to our society.
Charles Darwin has his outstanding place in the society of souls, that Yol religion sees as god.


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