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FAQ about YOL

What is God in Yol religion?

God is a society of souls. Living beings are important parts of god. God itself can be understood the same way as a parliament is understood. Many political parties with different agendas work for the good of their people – i.e. us.

What is “House of Yol”?

House of yol in it’s general meaning is the place where followers of the Yol religion gather together for collective prayers and educational purposes or just for personal quiet talk with god.

How many Gods exist by Yol religion?

While there is only one god in our world there is unlimited number of gods on unlimited number of planets in the Cosmos. God was created and continues it’s evolution in the process of dying of organisms by the process of joining of the released souls together.

How do you call a follower or followers of Yol?

Yolchi and Yolchies. Or simply “followers of Yol”

Who is the Prophet of the Yol religion?

The ideas that you can find in the Yol religion were transmitted by god to thousands of men and women during the history of humankind. Shaheen Hajigil has been able to connect many pieces of knowledge into one under direction of god.

Are there human incarnations of our planet’s God?

God is using the senses that pertain to human body. As god does not represent a single personality and is rather a society, no one living person can claim to be the incarnation of god. A person can represent a small or large part of the whole population of souls.

What happens to humans and animals after they die?

A human soul’s life and spiritual development may continue after death. The soul learns new realities and values and makes a decisions on it’s future. Animals are limited in understanding of the changes and may consequently loose wholeness of their souls and to dissolve.


What are the origins of cosmos and the life?

Cosmos or space and life in the space are constants. This is incomprehensible for the human mind but nonetheless space, stars, planets and life always existed and will always be. Life on the Earth came to being by the same rules that exist everywhere in the space around us on the planets that are fit for evolution of species.


Why do people commit horrific crimes in this life?

Egoism and lack of trust in the “afterlife” or vice versa unjustified expectations and self-renunciation leads to desire, craving, and attachments or fear,
which can lead to unwholesome thoughts and behaviour, i.e., greed, hate,
and violence.

If it is not Satan then what causes all the evil and suffering that exist in the world?

Even among the people that we use to call “saint” one can always recognize some of them as “very good persons” or as “not very good persons”. All men are different and their values are different. Good or bad behavior is the result of our perception of what is good and what is bad. What was considered a good behavior in ancient times may be considered outrageous in the 21st Century. God is not homogeneous. All kind of souls join God every minute and every second. Even souls of animals. Humans are not free from influence from bad segments of god.


Is there a initiation ceremony in the Yol religion?

Not yet. Yol as a new system of knowledge has been coming from god and taking it’s shape in the last 17 years. Initiation ceremony will be formed later.

Is there a concept of Heaven and Hell in the Yol religion?

No special places are recognized as Heaven or Hell. The Afterlife can be felt like “hell” if a soul can not establish a reliable channel to pass information to the people that it cares about. And a soul’s peace of mind and ability to communicate with people may feel like “heaven”.


What about angels?

There are no angels.

What will happen to god if all people die?

Humans are vital for god. With the death of humans god will degrade and loose quality of  it’s life.

Why relations of children and parents are so important?

Parents are more likely to join god before their children. They are usually the first joint in our connection to god. They are first to mobilize god to help us. Their souls usually are what we call “guardian Angel”.

How can I donate to the Yol?

Money donations are accepted via PayPal and/or by credit card: Click Here . You can also donate your time by making translations of the content on the site and sending it to e-mail: hajigiller(at)gmail.com

What language do souls use?

It does not matter. Words just represent thoughts and thoughts are what souls transmit to each other.

By Shaheen Hajigil