Why Ideomotor didn’t work and how to improve.


 How to improve your ideomotor response

Alas, it was wrong. That is why you are now reading this page.

I appreciate your desire to know why the ideomotor tool that you just used didn’t work.

There are several possibilities and I don’t know all of them. Sometimes it may be only you who believes that the outcome of the fortune telling does not reflect your current situation. My advice is that, even when you think that the outcome is not right, you should at least  make a quick mental plan for the case you discover it was right several hours or days later. Be at least prepared.


Technical issues:

  • You were counting your clicks.
  • You confused ODD and EVEN buttons.
  • You didn’t wait until a page is fully loaded.
  • Your fortune-telling session was interrupted.
  • You used a return button of your browser.
  • You didn’t begin from the starting page.
  • You never had a chance to learn how the ideomotor reaction works.
  • (this line is left empty for another possible technical issue that I am not aware of right now).

Mental issues:

Spiritual issues:

  •  You don’t believe spirits exist (still can work based on the ability of your subconscious mind to associate your personality, experiences, knowledge, facts and predict possible outcomes).
  • You know spirits exist but you don’t expect any good coming from them.
  • Your religion prohibits you contacting other spirits except God.
  • There are no spirits willing to care about you and to help you (we are not persons like this, are we?).
  • A wrong spirit is communicating with you in the absence of your personal “guardian angels”. The quote below describes it well:

…we have to be on our guard against a multitude of errors; for the communications are vitiated first by the errors and self-deceptions of the medium and the sitters, then by the errors and self-deceptions of the communicant spirits, and, worst of all, by deliberate deceit, lies and jugglery on the part of the visitants from the other world.    ( Sri Aurobindo)

Tips for improvement:

  • Imagine a person who really loved and cared about you when was alive.
  • Attract the attention of personalities that are experts in the fields you are most interested in. Watch this video to understand what I mean.
  • Invite me (my soul) as one of your secret advisers. Here is my short Bio.
  • Make your grandparents interested in your life and your achievements. They have lots of connections in the spiritual world.
  • Before you start your session recall the people who can be most useful in your current situation
  • Say loudly or write on a paper your current needs and wishes.
  • Calibrate the tool: play with it several times and read outcomes to instill the principles of the method in your memory and tip your “guardian angels” on which decoding tool is in your possession.
  • (this line is left empty for other tips that I can find for you later. Therefore, bookmark and share this page for the future reference).




Ideomotor- describing or relating to a motor action that is evoked by an idea.


To use the Ideomotor fortune telling tool for entertainment or calibration purposes click HERE

   By Shaheen Hajigil


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