Sep 162013


Scan To Know Yourself Better

You can not change for better if you don’t know what you are going to change in yourself.
How many of you have a honest opinion about yourselves?
You should know your weaknesses before you learn how to eliminate them.
Here is the tool that YOU REALLY NEED!
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If you have answered all these questions truthfully, you know more about yourself than the majority of people. Study the questions carefully, come back to them once each week for several months, and be astounded at the amount of additional knowledge of great value to yourself, you will have gained by the simple method of answering the questions truthfully. If you are not certain concerning the answers to some of the questions, seek the counsel of those who know you well, especially those who have no motive in flattering you, and see yourself  through their eyes. THE EXPERIENCE WILL BE ASTONISHING.

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