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My name is Shaheen. I believe I can call myself the Messenger and Prophet of the Yol religion. My path to becoming a messenger started when I first learned how to ask questions and to read texts.

I became interested in science fiction that made my conscience open to unusual ideas. And later I became aware of the spiritual side of life and it’s signs that made me ready to realize if I am communicating with it.

In the year 2004 I received a message from an unknown source in a situation that made me to see it as a straight communication from something that later I called “God”. There were several other happenings in different situations that supported my opinion.

Since that day in 2004 I dedicated hours and hours of my time passing my obtained understanding of god to others. Since that time I am constantly learning skills necessary to propagate this message. I am creating a new religion which I named “Yol”. Being the messenger of the Yol religion I believe there is a need for many men and women to become Prophets for the religion if they may achieve this status. I am inviting everybody to create the religion together with it’s messenger.

I speak Russian, English and Turkish languages.

I love my son, my wife, the Life and the society that I call “God”.


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By Shaheen Hajigil.


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