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Different Moral Values, different Religions, different Laws generate sentiments that are currently dominant in the civilizations that share the surface of the planet Earth.

Moral values are rules by which humans are supposed to live and by which they are supposed to be judged by others. Moral values are based on the belief systems that are wide spread and dominant in a group of people. In the group that is dominant in the local society. Some of these rules were used even in creation of secular Laws, others remained as general rules of behavior by abiding to which individuals consider themselves as “good” members of the society.

  Being born out of lack of knowledge and understanding of events of nature and therefore based on fears these superstitions, ideas, beliefs were spreading around at the early stages of social formations. Coming from the desire to explain the events of Nature, superstitions and beliefs were sometimes localized within certain environmental boundaries. Their propagation would stop there where different events of Nature would prevail in the surrounding environment and thoughts of local inhabitants. Being quickly recognized as powerful instruments of control in hands of tribal rulers, systematized superstitions took a form of religion and continued to spread by force there where local people would not accept alien fears and superstitions. The outreach of religions was now limited by distances where their message could travel without a significant loss in the main set of dogmas. Surviving ideological and blood-shedding battles, religions divided the humankind and built many high “walls” between us.

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These “walls” are now very old and cracked in many places.

The crisis started when our World began to “shrink” under the pressure of scientific and technological advances. Civilizations became more visible to each other and bearers of different moral values inhabited physically or “digitally” territories of people with slightly different or even antagonistic values . And as “familiarity breeds contempt”, the “clash of civilizations” became more prominent.

It would not be a problem if people did not have a notion that “bad” individuals or societies and their behavior must be corrected and brought to the standards that are considered good. The correction sometimes is directly requested by the dominant religious belief and those who do not obey are believed to be punished by God after they die. Where the moral values, rooted in belief systems, were integrated in the “fabric” of secular Laws there those Laws now require to act to mend the “bad” behavior.

These antagonistic views, unacceptible  behavior and retaliation leads to clashes. This incompatibility divides people on streets, nations on continents and civilizations on the planet. Clashes may be as small as a discrimination on the individual level, but sometimes they may become as big as World Wars.

Did God send prophets and handed to people beliefs that require to change others, and gradually lead to wars and deaths of millions of humans? No? God wants to see happy and healthy men and women, not the dead ones. Right?

Religions that came to life on planet Earth are to be flexible enough to adapt to the changing world. Religions that started to adapt, did it successfully to a certain degree. But now they are reaching the limits of their flexibility and face a complete failure shaking not only general moral values but also Constitutions and Laws inspired by them.

The “shrinking” world is inevitable reality and the process of transformation of values has started. We, as humankind, will be forced not only to review our moral values and our Laws, but also create Laws of the global society that would be able to accommodate most of the many different views of the diverse nations.

There will always be a room for diversity on our planet, but lesser alienation will boost happiness and comfort among vast majority of humans to a level much higher than our current moral values could provide.

By Shaheen Hajigil.
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