Online Fortune Teller-Yes or No?


 Read this before you proceed to the accurate fortune teller via link below

Most of the available now online fortune telling websites are a complete waste of your time. Understanding how a fortune teller obtains the “extrasensory” information can help you to avoid frauds.

I’d recommend to start with important opinions of specialists in the field:

…These units have differences of opinion, the same as human beings, and often fight among themselves”.   (Read more)  Napoleon Hill (1883-1970), “Think and Grow Rich”.

  ….lies and jugglery on the part of the visitants from the other world”.   (read more)     Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950) “The Supramental Manifestation and Other Writings”.

“God is a society [consisting] of souls of all living and dead organisms”.   (Read more)   Shaheen Hajigil, author, creator of Yol religion.

Search for truth.

Nobody tries an online “Yes or No” type of fortune teller just to kill some time. You are looking for a truthful answer from an accurate online fortune teller. I searched Google for such keywords like “fortune”, “teller”, “accurate”, “prediction”, “online”, “true”, “oracle” and others. Findings included many web pages that employ a software to spit out a “yes”,”no”, or some kind of very foggy answer for the question that you enter in a simple form. Everyone with common sense expects that the answer should come from spiritual world. But what connects to that spiritual world? The software program?! The computer hardware?! Does the software know exactly who is behind the keyboard typing the question? Can it ask a spirit to have a look at you and then input that missing information into the program? Ridiculous, isn’t it? (those who find the topic of fortune telling, divination, spiritual world ridiculous by itself are welcome to read other pages of my website).
So, what about online fortune tellers, oracles? Yes or no? Well, answer is “Yes, if…”. And I will list the “ifs”.

 “YES” to online oracle.

You can expect a sufficient level of truthfulness from a prediction only IF you get an answer from the spirits that inhabit the spiritual world.

That means the answer is to be generated by a spirit and not an unintelligent combination of hardware and software.

You can get an answer from spirits only IF you have means through which a spirit can pass you a piece of information.

      It is not a spirit that types an answer on your screen. And no spirit can force the program written by a programmer to choose any answer among other predetermined answers.

An online fortune teller or oracle is useful IF it only facilitates your personal conversation with one or a group of spirits.

     Facilitate here means a website presents you some kind of tools, information, instruction, advice, knowledge database, corresponding material, etc., helping you to learn how to get a response from spiritual beings and to interpret their message. The website itself can not communicate with the spirits.

Accurate as it can be.

Fortune Teller. Crystal ball method. Art Photo. Public Domain

Fortune teller. Crystal ball method. Art Photo. Public domain.

How accurate are methods that miss a great bit of information about you as a person who wants to have answers and about the spirits who are capable of knowing your circumstances, history, experience, nature. The accuracy of such a online fortune teller or oracle is not worth the time you would spend typing “accurate online fortune telling’ in the search bar. Your best options are methods that involve your brain, as the organ that connects your subconscious mind to the minds of spiritual beings. And at the same time involves the motor functions of your nervous system. When both you and a spirit you try to communicate with are aware of the rules of the communication, the possibility of a message transfer and its decoding becomes reality. Again, don’t forget of the factors you have read in the citation from “The Supramental Manifestation and Other Writings” of Sri Aurobindo.

PAY ATTENTION NOW! This is how YOU yourself can increase the accuracy of the fortune teller that I provide for free on this site:

 An accurate fortune telling is possible when there is the possibility and ability of large numbers of souls to talk to our subconsciousness via use of our brain’s  functions and a set of symbols and their descriptions learned by both sides of the communication. When a soul or a group of souls tries to inform you of something, they point you to a simbol or sets of symbols for which you have a necessary description. This necessitates knowledge of certain sets of simbols and their interpretations among maximum number of souls and humans. Therefore the more people you can make aware of these sets of symbols and interpretations, the more souls will be attracted and tought. As a result the accuracy will increase. Lesson is :  SHARE. Share as much as you can via your networks.

Best Practices.

Simple oracle of Yes and No.

I would advise the use of pendulum to get the simple Yes or No answer to your closed ended question. The use of pendulum allows your subconscious mind to send impulses to your muscles the way that will outcome in the movement of the pendulum along YES axis or NO axis (use a paper to draw a Cartesian Coordinate System and use the X-axis Abscissa for “NO” answer and the Y-axis Ordinate for the “YES” answer. Share the “rules of the game” with spirits by intentionally swinging the pendulum along the lines assigning yes and no answers to axes). No special rituals are necessary. The only thing you need to have is a burning desire to get an answer immediately. Ask only closed ended questions.

Multi-Variation fortune telling- Search for Clarity.

Sometimes you feel discomfort, ambiguity, anxiety and want to know what kind of situation or experience you are in and what can help you to avoid worst case scenarios. Simple Yes or No will not work for you as you don’t even know what questions you should ask in the first place. I advice the use of a fortune telling which roots go back into ancient times and were formed by observations and careful systemization by our predecessors in the lands where the whole humankind has its roots. The fortune telling is called “On The Sand”. Using the same connections of our brains it requires a little more training, but yields amazing results, that always worked for me, the author of the article, and helped the method to survive thousands of years. The method gives you a choice of 16 figures and only one will be advised to you by your visiting spirit, your Guardian Angel. To access the fortune telling “On The Sand” search my site for “accurate online fortune telling “On The Sand” or click HERE.

This online fortune teller gives you tools, information, instruction, advice, knowledge database, corresponding material but never attempts to replace you or your Guardian Angel in such a fine issue as conversations about bright and dark parts of your soul.

 Please, share with your friends. It may become one of the most interesting tools they have.

By Shaheen Hajigil.
Photos: Napoleon Hill, public domain      |     Sri Aurobindo, public domain,    |             Shaheen Hajigil, all rights reserved.


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