Pinterest optimization must have free pin note image with attribution share-alike 3.0 license


Many bloggers have now realized the power of newly emerging picture bookmarking sites like, and others in bringing visitors to their sites. But to be able to use this power every post or page must have a picture, so-called “infographics”, to allow users to bookmark it by pinning to an online board. It is not late to review  your old posts and pages and find those that do not have any infographics on them. Then search Google for free and open source pictures that are proper to the topic of your site and add the picture to your page. When you can not find a picture that would match your post it could be a good idea just to use an image of a pin paper with a relevant short text. So, here is a picture of a pin paper that is free for you to use and change as necessary. You only have to mention as required by the attached creative commons license.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.



Modify the image (adding your text or any graphics, re-sizing, changing color cast, saturation, cropping and et cetera)and use it on your pages or posts to allow the users of picture bookmarking web sites like, to bookmark your pages or posts and increase traffic to your sites.

To download a free photo editing software Paint.NET click the download button. LOGO
Please, don’t forget to credit .


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