Oct 092015
transparent ufo over Manipur, India

transparent ufo over Manipur, India

13 years have passed since the night and event that will not disappear from my memory. The picture I saw today in an article about UFO sighting in Indian State of Manipur refreshed my memory and desire to share my experience that night.

At the time I had been employed by a British company that was providing services to oil and gas industry developing in Azerbaijan. Business was not very active for some time and to keep me employed my manager suggested I worked as a security during night time at our warehouse. The warehouse was outside Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan republic. Far from the city lights contaminating the skies.

Stars are bright, multiple and beautiful when the sky is clear. I could stand for minutes with my legs stretched wide to maintain balance and my head turned upwards to catch as big angle of the sky as possible. The night was quiet.

Now, let me ask you: Have you ever played with a magnifying glass sliding it over a page of a book or a newspaper? If you ever did that you remember how the tiny letters stand still on the paper and how they simultaneously jump and then return back to stillness when the magnifying glass moves over them and goes farther creating an impression of a wave. If you never did that before, please, make a pause, find a newspaper, a magnifying glass and experiment with them.

Now you can understand what I saw in the sky that night.

From behind me, where my eyes were not able to catch the part of the sky something moved to the front and further making all stars to jump and then return to their usual stillness. Not all stars moved. I could clearly discriminate between those that moved and others that didn’t. I recognized what shape that “magnifying glass” was. Not a circle. It was a wing. Similar to the shape of a boomerang.

The whole thing lasted no more than 4 seconds. I didn’t feel any fear. I was excited. I knew I would remember the event forever. I realized it could only be an alien object because of it’s transparency, speed and absence of noise.

This event was not my first time sighting something that we call UFO. But it was the most convincing. Until 2 years later when I received a message from some spirit.

The message and my understanding of what spirits are capable of made me to reassess the notion of reality and the possibility of deviation from what is in front of my eyes and what picture my brain is depicting.

Despite all I have two strong beliefs on the subject:

1. Aliens exist.
2. They are here on Earth.


By Shaheen Hajigil

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