Sep 042010

Connections between souls.

Invisible connections cover the planet as a net.
These connections are the channels by means of which we, humans or animals, exchange information with “guardian angels” or god.
It is similar to the communication systems that humans have created for the electronic information exchange.
Only this net came to existence even before any animal would be considered intelligent.
Nature of this connections is still unknown and even god has not come to a full understanding of it yet.
But as we use a TV set at home knowing almost nothing about how it works, the same way god uses these communications to transfer
thoughts, ideas, recommendations, commands, and any other type of information to all living organisms, without understanding science behind it.
Souls or groups of souls in the god also use these connections to exchange thought and talk to each other.

Sometimes people struggle to explain things that happen in their life.  They call them miracles or give explanations that sound scientific, but are not proved experimentally. There are many cases of animals being lost far from their homes and then returning after several months. Researchers give some possible ideas about how the animals do that. In one of cases when a cat was lost at distance of 200 miles from home they supposed it was sense of smell that helped the cat to find its home. It will take a number of experiments to prove that. For now a less” miraculous” explanation from me is that a soul of another animal or a human guided the cat. Animals perhaps have better ability to sense and recognize a “message” from another soul than humans. They have much less “mental blocks” in their conscience than we. 

 One of purposes of this post is to make you ready and able to receive a message.