Jan 282012

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Dracondas are small but horrible animals. They look like Dragons because of their wings that never fly. And Dracondas have long bodies, similar to a snake’s, but with legs of a lizard. Dracondas change their colors easily to match to the colors that surround them and hide themselves.

Mean Gods created Dracondas to keep humans away from places beautiful as Heaven, but plentiful here on Earth. There are many gates that lead to the places, but Gods order Dracondas to live near the gates. Any human that comes close to a gate will be attacked.

Dracondas usually eat small flies and bugs, but their favorite food is human thoughts. Voices of Dracondas are akin to distant and indistinguishable human words and pieces of sentences. When you are attacked you hear strange words and can not make sense of them. You try to give a meaning to the sound and think more and more, desperately.

Your thoughts feed the Dracondas, while you lose the purpose of your visit and your

goals. Lost and emptied, you wander away, missing your Heaven may be just by an inch.

Dracondas are small and stupid animals, but they make the humans- the Kings among animals, to live miserable lives, never able to see the Heaven.

By Shahin Hajigil