Nov 202015

Ride sharing is a very simple small business to start. The process is easy and well explained on ridesharing provider sites like and

I myself started driving recently and getting those $250 were like having about 12 dollars tips for each of the 20 rides I gave. We should use these promotions while we can.

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If you have any questions about ridesharing please ask. I will try to help when I know answers.

I also joined Lyft. It’s better to have 2 at the same time to get more ride requests.



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In Some states  requirements vary between 20 and 25 rides.

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Nov 202011

Messengers of god or Prophets have been coming to the World throughout the history of humankind. There is almost nothing that can be proved by facts in such a kind of knowledge that we call beliefs, faith or religion. Nonetheless most of the humans are following a faith.
God usually sends it’s messages in the form of a thought or an idea unexpectedly emerging in your brain. God may send different messages to different auditories in different places. Somebody is always to be there to be able to receive a message and to pass it to others.
Becoming a prophet may be a luck or a curse but serving people around you is a honorable task.
Join the club of Prophets – prepare yourself to hear a message.

1) Start early – this is a long journey.

2) Start reading books. Begin with ancient Greek mythology and move to books on the history of various types of faiths and religions. Read about the role of religions in the formation of different civilizations and their success or failure.

3) Learn about the emergence and evolution of social systems in the World.

4)Study the basics of the major world religions – Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism.

5) Study ideas of Atheists and their argumentation against the existence of god.

6) Don’t be afraid of God. Fainthearted people never become messengers.

7) If you are a follower of a religion try to find main arguments against your religion and then try to find substantial arguments against these claims. Defend your belief system actively.

8 )Every day spend some time thinking about ways to make all humans happy, regardless of their nationality.

9) Accept the idea and always remember that there is no need to actually meet god to get any message from it.

10)Accept the idea and always remember it that god may communicate with different prophets in different times and pass a different message to each of them.

11) Study the orator art and art of discussion

12) Scrutinize all thoughts and night dreams that come to you. Analyze events of your life and learn to understand politics.

13) Save 3% of your monthly income during the whole preparation time to be able to finance your first steps as a Prophet.