Nov 202015

Ride sharing is a very simple small business to start. The process is easy and well explained on ridesharing provider sites like and

I myself started driving recently and getting those $250 were like having about 12 dollars tips for each of the 20 rides I gave. We should use these promotions while we can.

You will probably want to advertise your own invite codes and referral numbers to make extra cash. Post your numbers on my Facebook page:

If you write an attractive text I will copy it to this website along with your referral and invite codes.

If you have any questions about ridesharing please ask. I will try to help when I know answers.

I also joined Lyft. It’s better to have 2 at the same time to get more ride requests.



My Referral code for the Lyft is   SHAHEEN533383.



Accept my invite and finish the Uber sign-up process to drive. Complete your sign-up at



In Some states  requirements vary between 20 and 25 rides.

uber 2 uber


Join LYFT via this link. CLICK HERE

My LYFT referral code: SHAHEEN533383

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