Nov 082011

one among others religion crowd control

Religion is a system of belief in the existence of a “supernatural” power,
which (the power) is concerned with behaviors of humans and with behavior of which humans should be concerned.

One can search for the definition of religion in the internet and after hours of reading still find himself in doubts.
Definition written here by me suits my views at this time and may change later or become more descriptive.

Then what is the True Religion in my opinion? And is there such a thing as a True Religion in existence?

It seems like there is no meaning for a religion to exist if it is not claiming to be the true religion. For a religion to be a really the one and only true religion there is to be a proof  and confirmation of validity of  every idea that the religion is promoting and propagating. What a religion is requiring from it’s followers must be based on the knowledge of god’s interests, plans, desires, wishes, rules.

A Religion that contradicts to other religion’s teaching about one and the same subject is untrue until it proves it ‘s knowledge and facts with experiments that give one and the same result independent of who repeats the experiment.A Religion that proves to be a true religion by such experiments cease to be considered a “religion”, id est a belief and becomes a science the same moment the results of these experiments are accepted by majority of researchers.

Therefore Yol teaches that there is not such a thing as  a True Religion in existence.

In the definition of religion I use commas for the word Supernatural. But Yol doesn’t describe god as a miraculous or supernatural.

There are no miracles in this life or other, around us or in one of countless  universes. We call a miracle the events which  contradict to our understanding of what is possible but at the same time these “miracles” meet the universal rules of nature that are just not yet discovered by science.

Yol says that  “supernatural” power is a result of life and created by life. When this “supernatural” power will be studied and scientifically proven as a part of Nature,  the Yol will be recognized as a teaching in the roots of the new field of science.