Feb 112015

Read a book, do chores, do homework, study, do yoga, meditate, concentrate, contact spirits, speak to God, use as a video background if you have big enough TV screen or do anything else while playing this video in the background.

Soothing sound of the waterfalls and views of ponds and trees of the Grotto park in Portland, Oregon will create a better environment for your daily routines.

Do you have a nice view from your apartment or house? Enjoy it naturally if you have. But if you find the view behind your window ordinary here is a better “window with a beautiful view”. Start the video. Enjoy.

My best wishes to my viewers.

Nov 042013

Relaxation Wave of Ocean Sound and Light – Solution for Insomnia

Expand to Full Screen. Use in a dark room only for full effect. Set your computer to shut down in 1 hour.



Sleep inducing Solution.
Relaxation Wave of Ocean Sound and Light – Ultimate Insomnia Killer (1 Hour, Hypnotic).
Blinking Green light is combined with Nature’s Music- most pleasant sound of Ocean waves. It is coded into our DNA by Evolution. It Tranquilizes our Body and Mind, induces sound sleep.
Blinking monotonously Green Light is known for it’s hypnotic sleep producing effect on Humans.

Exellent combination to fight insomnia. Move your insomnia out of your bedroom.

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By Shaheen Hajigil

Nov 082011

Religion is a system of belief in the existence of a supernatural power,

which is concerned with behavior of humans and with behavior of which

humans should be concerned.

Living on a small planet, humans are following hundreds of beliefs and

religions that emerged during centuries.

Nowadays major religions fail more and more to explain historical and scientific

facts contradicting their teachings.

And now about people don’t believe in the existence of god.

Other 3.400.000.000 people believe that our world was created just several thousands years ago!

And with such a “mentality” we dare to play with nuclear “toys” in our “sandboxes”.

Foreseeing the complete destruction of life on our Planet and in attempt to save ours and it’s own existence, God wants us to find a new way- YOL.

It is time to mature and let the life to continue- into the future.